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Getting to know Cam “Dynamite” MacDonald before Unified 34

Sep 18, 2018

Before Cam “Dynamite” MacDonald returns to action against Nick Hrabec at Unified 34 on Sept. 28 at River Cree Resort & Casino in Enoch, AB, the hard-hitting lightweight caught up with

Check out the interview below and pre-order his next fight here.


If someone told you when you were growing up that you’d someday be fighting for a living, would you have believed them?

Yes, I have always been passionate about fighting. I knew when I was young that I would end up under the spotlight.

What is it that you love most about MMA?

I like the diversity of the arts involved. It’s the truest form of combat amongst any sport.

Is there anything you don’t like about the sport?

The worst part of the sport is training hard for camps and losing out on opponents. A lot of injuries come with MMA compared to boxing and other combat sports.

Do you have any advice for up-and-coming fighters?

Find a good team that believes in you and stick together like a family. It’s a team effort that goes into this game.

What are you up to when not fighting?

When I’m not training, I’m spending time with my family, I have four boys with my wife and they keep us pretty entertained.

What CD is in your car right now?

If I had a CD in my vehicle deck, it would be Sublime or an old Geto Boys album.

Go-to Netflix show?

Most of the Netflix I watch are cartoons with my kids. I don’t get into any shows of any kind.

Favourite book?

My Favorite book is “Oh the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss (laughs).

Last good movie you watched?

Last good movie I really enjoyed would be The Town.

Ideal vacation? 

My ideal vacation would be a couple weeks at a cottage in the highlands of Scotland.

Where would you like to be five years from today?

That will depend on my progress. I take things day by day. Obviously I would like to fight in ‘the show,’ but to do that I need to finish my opponents consistently. So for now I am focusing on that.

How would you like to be remembered as a fighter?

I’d like to be remembered as a fighter that shows up on fight night to put on a show and try and out people away. I’m not in this to have people boo me in the crowd.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank while you have this opportunity? 

I’d like to thank my family, my team at New Path MMA/Bowman’s MMA, and all my training partners, past and present. Also the promotions for giving us a platform to compete on.

Unified 34 is SOLD OUT, but you can still watch Cam’s fight — and the rest of the action, including two title fights — LIVE via pay-per-view.


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