Getting to know Justin Basra before Unified 36 in Calgary

Oct 4, 2018

Justin Basra has established himself as one of Canada’s top unbeaten fighters. In his highly anticipated Unified MMA debut at Unified 36 in his hometown of Calgary, AB, on Nov. 16, he puts his unblemished 5-0 record on the line against red-hot New Brunswick fighter Adam MacDougall (3-1). Before that, he caught up with

If someone told you when you were growing up that you’d someday be fighting for a living, would you have believed them? ​

Yes. I was always a fan of MMA; I watched it on TV growing up.

What do you like most about MMA?

The thing I like most about MMA is you never really know who’s gonna win; anything can happen on any given night.

What is the worst part of the sport?

The worst part of the sport is the misconceptions about fighters; people think the sport is barbaric. MMA is more mainstream now and those misconceptions are starting to go away, which is good.

Do you have any advice for up-and-coming MMA fighters?

Train hard, be honest with yourself and give it all you have. You only have a certain window you can compete in with MMA and you don’t wanna look back when it’s too late and wish you would have changed something.

Do you have any hobbies outside of MMA?

When I’m not fighting I’m always training, but on off times I go visit my neices or am binge watching some show on TV or Netflix.

Go-to Netflix show?


Last good movie you saw?

Den of Thieves.

What’s playing in your car right now?

Probably a mix of some Calvin Harris.

Favourite book?

The Way of the Fight, which is GSP’s book.

Ideal vacation?

Probably somewhere in California; I like staying in North America.

Tickets are available now for Unified 35 in Calgary on Nov. 16.