Grady Behrens is ready to shock the world at Unified 57

May 20, 2024

TORONTO — Grady Behrens is ready to shock the world.

The undefeated Blue Chip prospect makes his hotly anticipated professional MMA debut against Canadian kickboxing icon Simon “The One” Marcus on June 14 at Unified 57, LIVE on UFC Fight Pass from the iconic Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto.

Fight Night will be a full-circle moment for Behrens, who fondly remembers watching Simon’s world championship kickboxing matches on TV when he began his martial arts journey as a teenager.

“He was like a hero to me. I couldn’t believe that somebody from Canada was doing that,” the fun-loving Sylvan Lake, AB product says with a smile.

“They offered the fight to me, and absolutely I wanted to do it,” he adds with a laugh. “It’s an amazing opportunity, and it shows me how much progress I’ve made in my life.”

Behrens, 23, is still a fan of Marcus, but he’s putting his fandom aside, at least temporarily, when they share the cage at Unified 57.

“There’s no room to put anybody up on pedestals here. He’s had a legendary career, but he’s just a man,” Behrens says. “His blood is the same colour as mine, his heart’s been broken just like mine has, he gets tired just like I do.

“At the end of the day, despite what he’s done, he’s just a man like me.”


Unified MMA is Canada’s leading mixed martial arts promotion, showcasing the country’s top-ranked fighters, LIVE on UFC Fight Pass. The organization has successfully promoted 56 events across Canada since it was founded in 2009, and has propelled several athletes to the UFC’s Octagon.