Apr 5, 2016

EDMONTON — Another pair of dangerous strikers will meet at #Unified27, May 13 in Edmonton.

Undefeated welterweight Pat Pytlik and Matt Krayco, a veteran of 13 pro fights and several kickboxing matches, will butt heads.

Both fighters are looking to add to their respective highlight reels with a big, show-stopping win — and lots of high-intensity exchanges standing up along the way.

“This is a really exciting fight for me, absolutely,” says Pytlik, a seasoned stand-up fighter. “I pride myself on being a well-rounded fighter, but striking is the biggest part of my game. I’m always looking to showcase my striking, and always looking for a big knockout on the feet.”

That’s music to the ears of Krayco, a 24-year-old striker who also has experience in the boxing ring..

“My opponent is a big striker and we’re going to have some fun standing up,” he says with a smile. “In a lot of my fights, my opponents haven’t really wanted to stand with me. I have no concerns about that when it comes to Pat.”

Both fighters agree that, regardless of the outcome on Fight Night, they don’t want to leave the verdict in the hands of the judges.

“I definitely don’t see this going to a decision,” Krayco says. “Every time I step into the cage, I’m there to make a statement and give the fans something to talk about. There’s no bigger statement than a knockout.”

“A knockout is the only thing on my mind for this fight,” Pytlik says. “Getting the win is important, obviously, but getting the knockout is huge.”

Pat and Krayco