Dec 22, 2015

EDMONTON — Parwez Ghulam said going into his #Unified25 featherweight bout with Bruno Marques that he expected a big win in Edmonton.

And he was right.

In less than two minutes of action, Ghulam choked Marques unconscious, thereby improving to 6-2 as a professional fighter.

“Before the fight, my head coach, Mitch Clarke, told me to visualize how I was going to win, then go out there and do the same thing,” the Complete Fitness and Martial Arts fighter says. “I swear to God, I visualized every second in my mind. He wanted to fight me and he showed up prepared, which I respect, but I’m on a different level.”

Parwez can’t help but smile when asked about the best part of his win.

“I’m one step closer to getting my title back,” the former #UnifiedMMA Featherweight Champion says, adding, “I’m going for that No. 1 spot at featherweight. That’s my dream.”

Parwez Wins