KB Bhullar attends to unfinished business at Unified 50

Mar 29, 2023

EDMONTON – KB Bhullar has unfinished business to attend to this weekend.

He returns to action Friday in the Co-Main Event of Unified 50 in a hotly anticipated rematch against fellow UFC vet Curtis Millender, LIVE on UFC Fight Pass from the SOLD-OUT River Cree Resort & Casino in Enoch, AB.

Bhullar’s and Millender’s first meeting at Unified 46 in September was called to a stop after just 94 seconds. Millender was unable to compete after receiving an accidental eye poke from Bhullar. The bout was deemed a no-contest, and nobody left the venue satisfied.

“It ended so abruptly, which is unfortunate because I think it was going to be a great contest,” Bhullar, 31, says in retrospect. “It’s a fun fight, and stylistically it’s a great fight. This time, we get to give the fans the fight that they deserve.”

Fans are fired up for Friday’s Co-Main Event, and so is Bhullar.

“It’s good to have some real finality and closure. Sometimes the worst thing is when you don’t get that, and things are up in the air. There’s build-up and excitement to the event and, when you don’t get that finality that you crave, it’s unsettling,” he says.

“Now we get to go out and put an exclamation point on it.” 

Bhullar’s short-term and long-term goals are simple.

“Victory by any means, just get the job done,” the Edmonton fighter says when asked for his intentions for this weekend.

“(After Friday), I want to fight as much as my body allows – I want to be a part of every Unified event that I can be,” he adds. “I want to compete as much as I can, get better, and be the best that I can be. The only way to get there is through rigorous competition.” 


Unified MMA is Canada’s leading mixed martial arts promotion, showcasing the country’s top-ranked fighters, LIVE on UFC Fight Pass. The organization has successfully promoted 49 events across Canada since it was founded in 2009, and has propelled several athletes to the UFC’s Octagon.​