Ryan Ford can’t wait to get his hands on Curtis Millender

May 23, 2023

EDMONTON – Ryan Ford is coming home.

On Friday, the Edmonton combat sports icon has his first hometown boxing match since 2019. He takes on UFC vet Curtis Millender (3-0, 3 KOs) in the Main Event of Unified Boxing 1 at River Cree Resort & Casino, LIVE on UFC Fight Pass.

Most of Ford’s pro boxing fights have taken place overseas. After matches in England, Germany, Poland, Russia, Singapore and Thailand, Ford admits his homecoming fight is special.

“I can’t wait – it’s been a long time,” he says. “I’ve been traveling the world, fighting the best fighters on their own turf. It’s really exciting that I get to come home and put on a show in person, rather than making my supporters watch it on TV or the internet.” 

Ford is even more excited for Friday, he says, because he can’t wait to get his hands on his opponent, the American Millender.

“This guy likes to run his mouth,” Ford says with a chuckle. “It is what it is – I think it’s funny, at the end of the day.”

Ford’s prediction for Friday is simple.

“He’s getting stopped, 100-percent. He’s not going to be able to deal with my boxing. This isn’t MMA; you can’t take me down, push me against the fence, all that. This is boxing. It’s going to be very tiring for him, and he’s most likely going to end up in the hospital.”


Unified Boxing Promotions is Canada’s newest professional boxing promotion. The organization is the sister company of Unified MMA, Canada’s leading mixed martial arts promotion, and will host professional boxing events across Canada.


Unified MMA is Canada’s leading mixed martial arts promotion, showcasing the country’s top-ranked fighters, LIVE on UFC Fight Pass. The organization has successfully promoted 50 events across Canada since it was founded in 2009, and has propelled several athletes to the UFC’s Octagon.